Islamist Professor finally Quits

SWEDEN. Muslim Masoud Kamali is a Professor of Sociology at the Mitt-University. Or 'was' is more accurate as he have left his job after a long conflict in which he threathened to kill the headmaster. During the time that Kamali has worked at the Mitt-University the lectures and research in the department have started to … Continue reading Islamist Professor finally Quits


Taqiyya and the Buying of Votes

SWEDEN. The group leader for the Green Party in Botkyrka, Stockholm, Ali Khalil had a meeting with two representatives from the Moderate Party in July. They met in the mosque in Alby and they soon realized that this was anything but an ordinary meeting. The Moderate politicians were offered votes from the congregation in Alby (no go … Continue reading Taqiyya and the Buying of Votes

Who’s Teaching Violence?

SWEDEN. At the same time as Thomas Gür tried to hold his adress and the church bells started to chime because of the unpleasantness of it all something else was going on close to the church. Almost at the exact same spot a group of 10-20 Muslims gathered to pray. One of them was Yasri … Continue reading Who’s Teaching Violence?