What Happened to Our Rage

SWEDEN. Many have read about the awful gangrape in central Stockholm a week ago where a 20-year old woman were raped by two men from Somalia and one from Eritrea. Two of them had been punished before for assault, theft and drug offences.  A journalist wondered in her column where peoples rage are. Why are … Continue reading What Happened to Our Rage


Who’s Teaching Violence?

SWEDEN. At the same time as Thomas Gür tried to hold his adress and the church bells started to chime because of the unpleasantness of it all something else was going on close to the church. Almost at the exact same spot a group of 10-20 Muslims gathered to pray. One of them was Yasri … Continue reading Who’s Teaching Violence?

Dean Goes SJW and Prevents free Speech

SWEDEN. Journalist and author Thomas Gür, immigrant from Turkey, is known for commenting on present day issues. And since he's chosen to remain in reality instead of entering the so called opinion corridore he's not been treated very well by the media. He has also had a number of pop-up seminars that he announces on … Continue reading Dean Goes SJW and Prevents free Speech