48 Hours in Sweden

SWEDEN. Jack Nilsson has compiled this list of news reports from the last two days and nights. Some things are normal stuff and other things are part of the new normal. Woman robbed, MalmöElderly woman in wheelchair beaten and robbed in a hospital, SundsvallWoman robbed on Lilla Torg, MalmöRape, JärfällaRape, HaningeWoman murdered and man arrested, … Continue reading 48 Hours in Sweden

Updated List of No Go Areas

SWEDEN. The news reported that it wasn't sure that this list would be published as many municipalities says it demonizes the area, makes it hard to build houses as nobody wants to live there and also it scares away companies that might invest. I guess if you read between the lines the municipalities want to … Continue reading Updated List of No Go Areas

More Animal Cruelty

SWEDEN. Last week two men got sentenced for killing a dog and many people have reacted with disgust to the video of what they put the poor dog through. I don't know if animal cruelty is increasing, but it sure feels like it. It was a 36-year old man from Gothenburg and a 20-year old from … Continue reading More Animal Cruelty

Afghans Keep Causing Trouble

SWEDEN. The police are warning that a group of the Afghans that got to stay longer to study thanks to the so called High School Law are commiting crimes and might becoming radicalized. It's like Hanif Bali from the Moderate Party said: why should this group, the Afghans, get favoured? What is it about them … Continue reading Afghans Keep Causing Trouble

Islamophobia behind Girl almost Drowning?

SWEDEN. Amina was at the bathhouse with her two children. Her son fell and while she comforted him her 4-year old girl were pushed into the pool. A woman called out that the girl was drowning and Amina saw that there was at least ten people in the water who were close to her daughter. … Continue reading Islamophobia behind Girl almost Drowning?

During the Night between Friday & Saturday

SWEDEN. The news are never boring now a days, but they are quite scary. On the weekends you can be sure to read that at least one of the following crimes have taken place. I went through the headlines on SVT, Aftonbladet & Expressen, those who have taken an active part in covering up the … Continue reading During the Night between Friday & Saturday