More Animal Cruelty

SWEDEN. Last week two men got sentenced for killing a dog and many people have reacted with disgust to the video of what they put the poor dog through. I don't know if animal cruelty is increasing, but it sure feels like it. It was a 36-year old man from Gothenburg and a 20-year old from... Continue Reading →


Afghans Keep Causing Trouble

SWEDEN. The police are warning that a group of the Afghans that got to stay longer to study thanks to the so called High School Law are commiting crimes and might becoming radicalized. It's like Hanif Bali from the Moderate Party said: why should this group, the Afghans, get favoured? What is it about them... Continue Reading →

Thirteen cars on Fire

SWEDEN. Early this morning 13 cars were set on fire in Västerås. The cars were parked in five different places, but the police believes that there is a connection. The first alarm call came just before 4 AM. The distance between the locations isn't longer than that the perpetraitors could have droven from place to place... Continue Reading →

Punishments reduced for brutal gangrape

SWEDEN. I wrote about this case in April so follow the link for more information. It's a 13-year old girl who were raped by four somalis who also filmed what happened. Then they shared the movie online with their friends and they were judged to 8 months of youth welfare. That was recently reduced. The... Continue Reading →

The no go-zones of Sweden

SWEDEN. I have mentioned "our" no go-zones several times, but never listed the 61 areas that the police call vulnerable areas (such a stupid name). They divide them into three categories: 1. Particularly vulnurable areas - are signified by social problems and criminality that has caused a prevailing unwillingness to take part in legal procedings... Continue Reading →

Salafism Increased by ten in ten Years

SWEDEN. A new study from the National Defence College shows that when it comes to violent islamism the situation is far worse than anybody expected. It may lead to a hostile attitude towards democracy and intolerance and discrimination. After reading the report I think we're already there. Magnus Ranstorp, terrorism researcher, is one of the... Continue Reading →

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