ISIS Might Be Re-grouping

RUSSIA. Two days ago Oleg Iljinyh presented a report at the 7th Joint Strategic Planning Group Conference in Moscow. He warns that ISIS is re-grouping after their defeat in Syria. They are planning a worldwide network of so called sleeper cells who will be able to perform terror attacks. Iljinyh calls ISIS defeat strategic and... Continue Reading →


The State of Sweden

The police asked the public and media for help to find two men who have robbed a 90-year old woman of her credit card. There have been ten similar cases in different regions. As the men are immigrants SVT, the state television, refused to show the picture of their uncensored faces. Instead they blurred them.... Continue Reading →

The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Here's a summary of some things that have happened recently. The police are informing the public on how to act regarding to the risk of terror attacks while christmas shopping. The advice is to be extra observant in pedestrian streets, on public transports and at different events. You shouldn't wear headphones and always check... Continue Reading →

The verdict on the Akilov-Trial

SWEDEN. Rakhmat Akilov, the uzbeki ISIS-supporter who drove a truck through the crowds of people on Drottninggatan 7/4 2017, have been declared guilty of terrorism, five murders, 119 cases of attempted murders and 24 cases of placing others in harms way. He have to serve a lifetime in prison and when he's released he will... Continue Reading →

Yesterdays arrest of terrorists

SWEDEN. Now  there is more information about the arrest of terrorists and confiscation of goods in Akalla and Strömsund. Also, yesterday I wrote that three men were arrested in Akalla, but that was wrong. It was two men and one in Strömsund. In Strömsund, in the north of Sweden, neighbors of the arrested man have said... Continue Reading →

Three Arrested for Preparing Terror

SWEDEN. At 4.30 AM today Swedens National Security Police, SÄPO, took action together with the swedish police in Strömsund in the north of Sweden and in Akalla, north west of Stockholm. It was in Akalla that three persons were arrested and they are all from Uzbekistan, which is the homeland of Rakhmat Akilov, the Drottninggatan-terrorist.... Continue Reading →

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