Updated List of No Go zones

SWEDEN. The news reported that it wasn't sure that this list would be published as many municipalities says it demonizes the area, makes it hard to build houses as nobody wants to live there and also it scares away companies that might invest. I guess if you read between the lines the municipalities want to … Continue reading Updated List of No Go zones


The State of Sweden

Several women in Katrineholm who have been walking their dogs have been attacked by children between 10 and 12-years old on bikes. It all started about a week ago when a woman was hit in the head by the children passing. Another was hit in her face with a snowball filled with gravel. A woman … Continue reading The State of Sweden

The Sex Offender Was an Immigrant – Again

SWEDEN. Since the beginning of 2019 there have been 15 cases of sexual harrassment in public places in Uppsala. And now a man has been arrested and is suspected for eight of them. The man has gone up to women and touched their bodies, including their private parts. A distinguishing thing about him has been … Continue reading The Sex Offender Was an Immigrant – Again

The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Mixed news from Absurdistan. A 15-year old girl in Gävle were assaulted on December 3 by a gang of teenagers while waiting for the bus. The beat her so severly that she were taken to the hospital. The news says that she will have permanent damages, but not of what kind. Children in a … Continue reading The state of Sweden

Afghans Keep Causing Trouble

SWEDEN. The police are warning that a group of the Afghans that got to stay longer to study thanks to the so called High School Law are commiting crimes and might becoming radicalized. It's like Hanif Bali from the Moderate Party said: why should this group, the Afghans, get favoured? What is it about them … Continue reading Afghans Keep Causing Trouble

It’s always Been like This

SWEDEN. Here's some news from the last two days. Two days for all this mayhem?! It's like a nightmare. But I must remember not to speak ill of my country as the former PM Stefan Löfven doesn't like that. We should pretend everything's great. Like he did for the last four years. Two girls, 13- … Continue reading It’s always Been like This

Fadimes father Murdered Her & now He’s Free

SWEDEN. Fadime Şahindal were born 1975 in Kurdish Turkey and fled to Sweden at the age of seven. Her life was ended in 2002 by her father Rahmi Şahindal who were sentenced to lifetime in prison. Now he has been released. Fadime is a hero here in Sweden because she was one of the very first who talked openly … Continue reading Fadimes father Murdered Her & now He’s Free

Literally last night in Sweden

SWEDEN. I listened to the news as I was drinking my coffe this morning and it was like they were trying to convince us to vote for a change. So I looked into the crimes that occured yesterday and in many of the cases I found the usual markers (moped, big group, outside, toilet) that signal … Continue reading Literally last night in Sweden

Last Night in Sweden

SWEDEN. This footage is taken last night around 21.00. It's from the square in Frölunda, Gothenburg. More than 80 cars have been set on fire all over western Sweden in what seems to have been an coordinated attack. No person have been harmed. Hamas is a politician for the Moderate Party and he mentions several times … Continue reading Last Night in Sweden

The no go-zones of Sweden

SWEDEN. I have mentioned "our" no go-zones several times, but never listed the 61 areas that the police call vulnerable areas (such a stupid name). They divide them into three categories: 1. Particularly vulnurable areas - are signified by social problems and criminality that has caused a prevailing unwillingness to take part in legal procedings … Continue reading The no go-zones of Sweden

Does your view of reality endorse any kind of political agenda?

SWEDEN. This is an interview with commissioner Jale Poljarevius in Uppsala who have gotten a lot of attention for his tweets, @polisenuppsala, where he have commented crimes and shown the job that the police officers are doing. He seem to have his feet on the ground and be just the kind of police that we need. … Continue reading Does your view of reality endorse any kind of political agenda?

Terrorplanner convicted before

SWEDEN. There have been new information about the man that was arrested on a train heading for Stockholm this friday. He is 31-years- old, not born  in Sweden and have been convicted earlier. A couple of years ago he was sentenced after attacking two security guards outside a bar in central Stockholm. He was trying … Continue reading Terrorplanner convicted before