The differences in Scandinavian Immigration

SWEDEN. The politicians are constantly assuring us that immigration is at a minimum level now. Well, the numbers tells another story. Below you can see the number of granted residence permits for asylum seekers in the Scandinavian countries in 2018. Immigration of family members or criminals posing as labour migrants aren't included. Sweden: 25 114Norway:… Continue reading The differences in Scandinavian Immigration

Greta Thunberg Is close to Tears

USA. Greta Thunberg held a speech the other day at the UN scolding all listeners for not taking the climate problem seriously. People are praising her, but I get a feeling that many feel just as uncomfortable by the spectacle as I do. I find it painful to watch Gretas speech. Embarrasing. It's an understatement… Continue reading Greta Thunberg Is close to Tears

Christians Are Slaughtered like Chickens

NIGERIA. According to the United Nations Centre for Peace and Disarmament the 500 million illegal weapons that flooded into West Africa after the Libyan crisis in 2011, 350 million (70%) ended up in Nigeria. Most of them ended up with the Fulani herders. Nice... A 19-year old Christian woman, Joy Danlami, became a victim of… Continue reading Christians Are Slaughtered like Chickens

Vietnamese Framework Built to Exclude Christians

VIETNAM. We've all heard how socialism will set us free from the rich oppressors and make us all equal, but that "freedom" only extend to those who follow the Party line. Christians among the minority Hmong people are stateless and lack basic human rights in communist Vietnam. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang has called on the… Continue reading Vietnamese Framework Built to Exclude Christians

Afghan Women Have Too Many Rights

AFGHANISTAN. Promundo and UN Women made a survey where 2 000 men and women between the ages 18-59 got to answer questions. Some of them also took part of group interviews. When it come to womens rights 2/3 of the men and 1/3 of the women thought that women in Afghanistan had too many rights.… Continue reading Afghan Women Have Too Many Rights

The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Here's a summary of some things that have happened recently. The police are informing the public on how to act regarding to the risk of terror attacks while christmas shopping. The advice is to be extra observant in pedestrian streets, on public transports and at different events. You shouldn't wear headphones and always check… Continue reading The state of Sweden

U.N. To World: Silence!

USA. This is a satire text from Andrew Klavans podcast. I just love his sense of humor! The United Nations is sponsoring a meeting in Marrakech next week during which nations in attendance will sign on to a Global Compact for Migration. Among the provisions of the compact are those that could, if made law,… Continue reading U.N. To World: Silence!

Dialogue with Islam is Impossible

ITALY. American priest Fr. Mario Portella were interviewed by La Verità on 22 November about his book Islam: Religion of Peace? The Violation of Natural Rights and Western Cover-Up. All of us who have read the Quran or even bits of it know that it calls for violence against non-believers and that's what Fr. Portella says openly instead… Continue reading Dialogue with Islam is Impossible

Sweden Will Sign the Migration Pact

SWEDEN. The interrim government, led by Stefan Löfven, will sign the UN Migration Pact in Morocco hoping that more immigrants will benefit the country. Because it has worked so well so far! The politicians are of the opinion that the framework will make immigration "safe, arranged and regular". It seems like they have misunderstood what… Continue reading Sweden Will Sign the Migration Pact