EUROPE. This is an amazing documentary by Lauren Southern and her team that shows the migrant crisis from different perspectives. Very moving!

Persecution of Christians – week 9

On February 9 ten churches in a village in southern Ethiopia were attacked by local Muslims. One church was destroyed and the property of all ten of them was burned (it's believed that the other buildings were spared because of the risk that they would harm houses owned by Muslims close by). Some Christians got... Continue Reading →

Are Christian Asylumseekers Discriminated?

UK. Christians used to constitute 10% of the Syrian population. They were targeted by jihadists and are still persecuted. The Christian charity Barnabus Aid are now reporting that the Interior Ministry are favouring Muslim refugees over the Christians. Out of the 7 060 Syrian refugees that UNHCR recommended the UK in 2017 only 25 persons were... Continue Reading →

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