Radical Islamists Arrested



Norms Were Made to Be Broken

SWEDEN. Henrik Theorin is the headmaster of the Haga School in Umeå whose pupils is between the ages of 6 and 15. When they had a Pride Week he decided to show the children that it's possible to go against societys norms. So Henrik chose to wear a dress, on a whim as he says, … Continue reading Norms Were Made to Be Broken

Immigrant Raped 10-year Old

SWEDEN. A 10-year old girl got raped in the afternoon of 25 October in a courtyard in Malmö. She didn't know the offender. After five days Mohammad turned himself in, he's born 1988 and came to Sweden 2009 from Libya. He has confessed to the crime. He is also suspected for several other crimes, including … Continue reading Immigrant Raped 10-year Old

During the Night between Friday & Saturday

SWEDEN. The news are never boring now a days, but they are quite scary. On the weekends you can be sure to read that at least one of the following crimes have taken place. I went through the headlines on SVT, Aftonbladet & Expressen, those who have taken an active part in covering up the … Continue reading During the Night between Friday & Saturday

Ramadan Is upon Us!

DENMARK/SWEDEN. Inger Støjberg, Minister of integration in Denmark, writes in an debate article that there is freedom of religion in Denmark, that religion is a private matter and now ramadan is upon us. Here in the north of Europe the sun is up for almost 24 hours this time of year. In Umeå the sun goes … Continue reading Ramadan Is upon Us!