Tommy Robinson Seek Asylum

UK. The treatment of Tommy is a disgrace and after loosing his case of having committed contempt of court his life is at risk. If he is sentenced to prison, where Islamist gangs reign, there is a immense risk that he will be killed. We all remember when he left prison last summer (for the … Continue reading Tommy Robinson Seek Asylum


Tommy Robinsons new Documentary

UK. After releasing the documentary below Tommy Robinson got permanently deleted from Facebook and Instagram. Tommys book Mohammeds Koran is no longer available on Amazon. But they do have at least 8 versions of Mein Kampf in English and several editions of The Anachists Cookbook. Amazon haven't released any statement about this, but as CAIR have pressured the company to remove other things that they … Continue reading Tommy Robinsons new Documentary

Latest on Tommy Robinson court Case

UK. Rebel Media reported this on Tommys court case: First, Tommy didn’t just appeal his 13-month sentence. He appealed the fact that he was convicted at all. Not just in the Leeds case from May, but he even appealed his conviction last year in Canterbury! Second, Tommy’s lawyers outlined in shocking detail the abuse that … Continue reading Latest on Tommy Robinson court Case

A letter from Tommy Robinson

So here we go again! Its Sunday night 10/6/18, the news of the amazing scenes yesterday in London are just filtering their way to me.But before I start on the positives of yesterdays demonstration let me 1st start with some negatives. Let me share with you part of my wife's letter I received yesterday:"School rang … Continue reading A letter from Tommy Robinson

Choudary to be released from prison

Anjem Choudary, an infamous London imam, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison in 2016 under the Terrorism Act for rallying support for ISIS will be released after having served only two years.  After decades of openly preaching hate, or perhaps I should say that he have been preaching the violence that … Continue reading Choudary to be released from prison

Free Tommy Robinson

The protests against Tommys prison sentence have been going on through the weekend in London and demonstrations are said to be planned in Copenhagen. A rumour on twitter said that Tommy had been attacked by a muslim gang and was at the infirmary, but Robinsons team says that's not true. They say that he's safe. … Continue reading Free Tommy Robinson

Islamist in Prison

UK. British Sargon of Akkad doesn't dare to report on Tommy Robinsons imprisonment since there's a risk of being arrested. So he talks about islamists in british prisons. I can mention that the same problem exist in Sweden and I read in a paper some time ago that prisons search for non-radical imams. It … Continue reading Islamist in Prison