Decent Ones Like Nobel & the Social Democrats

SWEDEN. The Nobel Prize celebrations are coming up and all the leaders of the political parties are invited to the banquet. But not the Sweden Democrats. The reason for this are, according to the Nobel Foundation, that the party isn't like other parties. They made their decision ten years ago and that the party is… Continue reading Decent Ones Like Nobel & the Social Democrats

Nobody Saw This Coming?

SWEDEN. Prime minister Stefan Löfven was interviewed on the TV-show Agenda on Sunday evening about the current state of Sweden. His answers was absolutely astonishing! The show has explained that their goal with the interview was to hear Löfvens opinion about what causes the gangviolence and how it could be prevented. According to him this… Continue reading Nobody Saw This Coming?

The Sweden Democrats Are the Largest Now

SWEDEN. A poll presented yesterday showed that the Sweden Democrats are now the biggest party! It's been a close call for a number of times and yesterday Aftonbladet/Demoskop showed that the Sweden Democrats got 24% and passed the Social Democrats which only got 22,2%. That's a drop for S from 28,3% in the election of… Continue reading The Sweden Democrats Are the Largest Now

What to Do about Gang Violence?

SWEDEN. Gatestone Institute published a fantastic article about gangs, crime, ethnicity and how the politicians plan to handle it. It's a must-read!

Am I Going to Die now, Mom?

SWEDEN. This is a letter from 63-year old Mona Iréne Schultz to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his government. On the night of November 2nd her son and his family living in Malmö became victims of one of the bombings that have become an almost daily occurence here. Nobody was hurt, but the children are… Continue reading Am I Going to Die now, Mom?

How Many Are Working?

SWEDEN. We were told by the politicians that the immigrants would save the economy. So how did that work out? The newspaper Aftonbladet, which is partly owned by the Swedish Social Democratic Party, did an investigation about this and it shows that those promises were nothing but fairytales. Out of the 60 000 immigrants that… Continue reading How Many Are Working?

Morgan Wants to Ban Democracy

SWEDEN. Morgan Johansson have a long career within the Social Democratic Party (S) and now he's the Minister of Migration. Morgan is politically correct in the extreme and seems to have no contact with reality whatsoever. During the last weeks he has made two proposition to battle the problem with racism which is his biggest… Continue reading Morgan Wants to Ban Democracy

“The Swedish Model Delivers!”

SWEDEN. Morgan Johansson (S) is the Minister of Migration and is, among other things, known for delaying the laws against terrorism for 17 years! Here's some of what he said in Parliament on Tuesday 18/6 during a debate on family reunification. Morgan Johansson claimed that Sweden has saved thousands of lifes during the recent years,… Continue reading “The Swedish Model Delivers!”

It’s all Talk & no Action

SWEDEN. The last couple of days there have been several explosions and shootings all over the country and the politicians are slowly starting to react. At least enough to lie some more. It started on June 5th when a shed for bicycles exploded in Linköping. On the 7th a bomb detonated outside an apartmenthouse in… Continue reading It’s all Talk & no Action