Political Correctness Are Imposed on Crime Statistics

SWEDEN. Brå is short for the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention in Swedish and it's an administrative agency with the mission to put together statistics on crime to be used by politicians. They have been accused of having a leftist bias both in their choice of investigations and how they interpret and present the... Continue Reading →

The War Against Swedes

SWEDEN. If you look at what takes place during some of the robberies you find that it's about something more than wanting or needing material things. It's about showing power and about degrading the victim as much as possible. It's about venting rage. Like the case with the 18-year old who got his ear, or... Continue Reading →

New Statistics about Rape Are a Sham

SWEDEN. The Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) have released a new report in which they claim to prove that immigration has nothing to do with the increase of sexual crimes. The Council have a long history of explaining all crimes related to immigrants as caused by socio-economic factors or that the criminals are forced into... Continue Reading →

Criminals Descent Will Be Collected

SWEDEN. Swedens Crime Preventing Council, Brå, have finally decided to start collecting statistics about the criminals descent. It wasn't that long ago, February 2018 to be exact, that Brå couldn't see any use at all of knowing where the perpetraitor came from. The last study of that kind were done in 2005 and it showed... Continue Reading →

Thefts & Violence Increase in Shops

SWEDEN. The Swedish Trade Federation has made a survey containing 2 000 stores during 2018. It showed how crimes are increasing. One store in three had, during the last week, had a theft or shoplifting. In one out of three stores the staff had been victims of threats or violence during the last month. One... Continue Reading →

Rapes Keep Increasing in Sweden

SWEDEN. The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) released new preliminary crime statistics this week and things are not looking good. There were 1,54 million crimes reported during 2018 which is 34 800 more, +2%, than in 2017. The number of rapes increased by 8% and during 2018 7 840 rapes were reported. Women... Continue Reading →

9 Myths about Immigration

SWEDEN. I found an article from 2015 and it was so typical for how the media wanted to educate us during the peak of immigration. I just had to refute these "false" claims. The article refered to these sources, but weren't more precise than this: the leftist paper ETC, the Church of Sweden, Brå, Dagens... Continue Reading →

New Rape Statistics

SWEDEN. The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) have released the annual Swedish Crime Survey (Nationella trygghetsundersökningen) with statistics. This is what it says: The picture above show how many, between the ages 16-84, that feel a lot/some unsafe being outside where they live late at night. Those who abstain from going out are... Continue Reading →

Unwanted facts must Be Lies

SWEDEN. Author, debater and economist Tino Sanandaji have gotten into an argument with Maria Robsahm, journalist and former politician (The Liberals and later Feministic Alternative). It started when she accused him of lying intentionally about rape statistics. This is the sentence by Tino, from May this year, that Robsahm have a hard time believing and... Continue Reading →

Sarnecki sees Racism Everywhere

SWEDEN. I wrote yesterday about the TV-show Uppdrag Granskning that will be aired tonight on SVT, that belong to the state. And yesterday criminologist Jerzy Sarnecki spoke out about the findings of the show: that in 58% of rapecases it was men who were born abroad that were the perpetraitors. Yesterday he said that he questioned... Continue Reading →

Rapes, Rapes & more Rapes

SWEDEN. No, it's not the #metoo hysteria that I mean but other things in the media that actually makes me a little happy. And no, I'm not happy about the rapes of course, but that we finally are getting statistics that show what we all have seen around us for years. First I saw this... Continue Reading →

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