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The Con of Resignation Syndrome

The phenomenon has been called SWEDENS Mystery Illness by foreign media and it's when immigrated children become totally passive to the point that they doesn't talk, eat or drink. The recommended treatment were permanent recidenceship for the family. Filter Magazine published their first investigation into this in September 2019 and interviewed some former apathetical children… Continue reading The Con of Resignation Syndrome

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“Compassionate” Politicians Increases Immigration

SWEDEN. Morgan Johansson, former Minister of Justice and now Minister of Migration, were interviewed on TV yesterday. And he seem to believe that everything is fine and that it's time to open our hearts once again. During the Social Democratic Partys election campaign they promised to decrease the immigration, but after the deal with the… Continue reading “Compassionate” Politicians Increases Immigration

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Raped Coworker – Stays in Sweden

SWEDEN. The woman, in her thirties, went into the cafés larder to fetch something when her co worker pinned her against the refrigerator so she couldn't get away. Then he put both of his hands inside her vagina.  The 27-year old man came to Sweden from Eritrea and was granted asylum in 2014. He got… Continue reading Raped Coworker – Stays in Sweden

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Angled Reporting by SVT

SWEDEN. SVT published an article yesterday about Michaela and the headline said that she was willing to risk her life for a 13-year old boy from Afghanistan that was going to be deported. But, as usual, SVT left out several facts. Michaela and her family has had the boy living with them and now his… Continue reading Angled Reporting by SVT

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Together We Can Change Institutions

SWEDEN. I don't know if this news story have reached beyond the countrys borders, but this is what have made us Swedes pissed off this week. It united the left, the right and those in the middle which was rather nice. Denis is six years old and in 2015 he and his mother applied for… Continue reading Together We Can Change Institutions

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Ex-PM about unrealistic Immigration

SWEDEN. Former PM and leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party Göran Persson were interviewed the other day. He's a sosse that I actually respect and his comments about the asylum prognosis showed that he has his feet on the ground. The Board of Migration predicted that during 2018-2021 there will be 122 000 applications… Continue reading Ex-PM about unrealistic Immigration

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Corruption and lost Children

SWEDEN/AFGHANISTAN. A journalist at the newspaper Expressen has investigated how Afghans, some of them children, have been given Visas into Sweden for a couple of days to then disappear. The youngest one were 4-5 years old. During 2014 and 2015 the organization Svensk Afghan Foundation (SAF) invited 50 Afghan citizens to Biskopsgården in Gothenburg (which by the… Continue reading Corruption and lost Children