Swedes Say No to Immigration

SWEDEN. Once again tens of thousands migrants are trying to enter Europe, but compared to 2015 the enthusiasts aren't as many. The sobstories in the media are there, the photos they use are once again mainly portraying families and some politicians are still wailing about common humanity. A new poll shows that only 10% of... Continue Reading →

Decent Ones Like Nobel & the Social Democrats

SWEDEN. The Nobel Prize celebrations are coming up and all the leaders of the political parties are invited to the banquet. But not the Sweden Democrats. The reason for this are, according to the Nobel Foundation, that the party isn't like other parties. They made their decision ten years ago and that the party is... Continue Reading →

The Sweden Democrats Are the Largest Now

SWEDEN. A poll presented yesterday showed that the Sweden Democrats are now the biggest party! It's been a close call for a number of times and yesterday Aftonbladet/Demoskop showed that the Sweden Democrats got 24% and passed the Social Democrats which only got 22,2%. That's a drop for S from 28,3% in the election of... Continue Reading →

Lowers Temperatures in Retirement Homes

SWEDEN. The municipality of Motala must save money as they have "lived above their means" as Kåre Friberg, local politician for the Moderate Party, puts it. The population in Motala is 43 756 (June 2019) and in 2014 15% were born abroad. Many immigrants have been placed there so now the percentage must be much higher,... Continue Reading →

Animal Cruelty straight from the Middle East

SWEDEN. Naima Bahnam Johansson is a politician on her spare time for the Sweden Democrats in Norrköping and she wrote a FB-post about the cruelty towards animals that seem to be increasing. Hedgehogs have been found impaled or been used as footballs by groups of children. Cats and dogs have been posioned, burned or mutilated.... Continue Reading →

The State of Sweden

Some of the things that happened during a couple of days in The New Sweden. An 18-year old woman was shot dead in her kitchen in Råckstad, Stockholm, at the night of 28/8. A car passed by and shot through the window. It's believed that a criminal man was the intended target. Two men in... Continue Reading →

Having that Jimmie-Moment

SWEDEN. A new saying has appeared during the last weeks: Jimmie-moment. The phrase is named after Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats (SD), and means that moment when you realise that things aren't unproblematic with massimmigration, that multiculturalism has a downside. It is, of course, the same as joining the dark side according to... Continue Reading →

“The Swedish Model Delivers!”

SWEDEN. Morgan Johansson (S) is the Minister of Migration and is, among other things, known for delaying the laws against terrorism for 17 years! Here's some of what he said in Parliament on Tuesday 18/6 during a debate on family reunification. Morgan Johansson claimed that Sweden has saved thousands of lifes during the recent years,... Continue Reading →

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