What Islam Isn’t

This is a text adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat. I found it here. Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all … Continue reading What Islam Isn’t


Islamic fundamentalism common in Europe

GERMANY. In January 2015 a report about Muslim migrants from Turkey and Morocco and their views was published. One question was how many of them wanted to integrate to their new country. Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin für Sozialforchung is the most prominent research institute in Germany and the report is called “Religious fundamentalism and out-group hostility among Muslims and Christians in … Continue reading Islamic fundamentalism common in Europe

Persecution of Christians – week 46

Many countries are offering Asia Bibi asylum, but she is still hiding somewhere in Pakistan. Nuri Kino writes that he has talked to a deacon in Pakistan who is exhausted by all the hate against Christians. He fears that violence will erupt and start a genocide. His assessment is that it could boil over any … Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 46

Crimes & Lies

SWEDEN. The man came here in March 2017 and applied for asylum. He claimed to be 17 years old. But he was neither refugee nor teenager. Of course. He was arrested in Stockholm this spring for drugs crime and when Interpol processed his fingerprints it showed that he was a 24-year old from Morocco. The … Continue reading Crimes & Lies

Low Penalty to not Loose Recidence Permit

THE NETHERLANDS. In 2016 an Afghan refugee raped an 18-year old girl and the public prosecutor wanted him to get two years in prison. But the court judged that the important factor is that the man isn't deported. That was more important than justice. The young woman has a slight mental impairment went to the … Continue reading Low Penalty to not Loose Recidence Permit

Pakistan want an international policy against Blasphemy

PAKISTAN. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, the newly elected Imran Khan, have held his first adress to the senate. Christians have feared the outcome of Khans politics and it seems to be justified. Khan said that it was a massive failure by all Muslim countries that there doesn't exist an international law against blasphemy. He compared … Continue reading Pakistan want an international policy against Blasphemy

Gay in Iran

In Iran the homosexual act is a crime worthy of death and even though being gay isn't the same as being trans some are encouraged by religious clerics and their familys to undergo sex reassignment surgery so their body will match their soul and not violate the divine order.  This fast-track towards surgery, subsidized by the … Continue reading Gay in Iran