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Somalis Overrepresented Among Those Dead of Corona

SWEDEN. At least six of the fifteen people in Stockholm who have died from the corona virus are from Somalia. They lived in the no go zones of Kista/Rinkeby and Spånga/Tensta and the municipality of Järfälla. It's the association for Swedish-Somalian physichians that are sounding the alarm and it seems like they deceased met and… Continue reading Somalis Overrepresented Among Those Dead of Corona

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Swedes Say No to Immigration

SWEDEN. Once again tens of thousands migrants are trying to enter Europe, but compared to 2015 the enthusiasts aren't as many. The sobstories in the media are there, the photos they use are once again mainly portraying families and some politicians are still wailing about common humanity. A new poll shows that only 10% of… Continue reading Swedes Say No to Immigration

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Pupils Forced to Profess to Islam

SWEDEN. Last week an angry and upset mother told the country of what happened during a class about religion for 9-year olds in Tierp. Anamaria von Roteliuc didn't believe her daughter when she said that she and her classmates had been forced to confess to Islam in writing. When the girl refused to write "I… Continue reading Pupils Forced to Profess to Islam

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Immigrants Doesn’t Save the Health Care

SWEDEN. Lefties tend to claim that institutions like hospitals and retirement homes wouldn't function without the asylumseekers, but Statistics Sweden shows that it isn't true. Rebecka Weidmo Uvell took a look at the numbers and when it comes to registred nurses who have moved here most of them come from European countries. On second place… Continue reading Immigrants Doesn’t Save the Health Care

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Joakim Lamotte

SWEDEN. Joakim Lamotte is an independent journalist who takes on the subjects that the ordinary media refuse to touch. Lamotte often travel to the place that he's covering and just talk to the locals in a public area so they can make their voices heard. He was in Kronogården, Trollhättan, during the recent riot and… Continue reading Joakim Lamotte