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Persecution of Christians – week 3

The World Watch List 2019 were released this week. It shows that 245 million Christians are persecuted in the world, which makes them the biggest group that are victims of persecution. Asia is the worst place to be Christian and one in three live under high persecution. You find links to articles that break down… Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 3

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Should it Be legal to Call Mohammed a Pedophile?

USA. David Wood from Acts17Apologetics gives us the facts about Mohammeds marriage with Aisha and develops the reasoning on sharias blasphemy laws and freedom of speech. Here's my post on the matter!

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Don’t Call Muhammed a Pedophile!

FRANCE. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) have sentenced Austrian Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff for two seminares she held in 2009 about Islam. Freedom of speech are under control of indignation and religious propaganda. The purpose was to inform the audience about what Islam entails. In the lectures Sabaditsch-Wolff criticized how women are treated by the religion and… Continue reading Don’t Call Muhammed a Pedophile!