The Donkeyrider?

SWEDEN. Every summer the Swedish Radio (SR) let a number of both famous and unfamous people send an hour where they share their story, thoughts and favourite music. It's very popular and on 3/7 it was Kent Wistis turn.  For disclosure I have to mention that I haven't listened to Wistis broadcast, mainly because I … Continue reading The Donkeyrider?

Dean Prevents Free Speech

SWEDEN. Journalist and author Thomas Gür, immigrant from Turkey, is known for commenting on present day issues. And since he's chosen to remain in reality instead of entering the so called opinion corridore he's not been treated very well by the media. He has also had a number of pop-up seminars that he announces on … Continue reading Dean Prevents Free Speech

Arif Mo

SWEDEN. Dear child has many names, kärt barn har många namn, is a Swedish saying that applies to Afghan refugee Arif Moradi. Or Arif Mo. Or Niklas Mo or maybe Alexander Arif Moradi. But he is only dear to a group of middleaged women. The rest of us think he's a creep. Arif came to … Continue reading Arif Mo

A Memorial Service with Leftie Politics & an Islamist

SWEDEN. This saturday it was one year since the attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm and and there were a memorial service in the Adolf Fredriks Church. The King, Queen and Jackelén It was held by reverend Annika Millde and bishop Eva Brunne (who wanted to remove Christian symbols from Sjömanskyrkan a couple of years ago … Continue reading A Memorial Service with Leftie Politics & an Islamist