Church of Sweden Invites Drag Queens

SWEDEN. The Church of Sweden are going even further to the left by inviting two drag queens to the parish of Harplinge to read stories to children between the ages of 4-8. It's Lady Busty and Miss Shameless who will make a stop in Harplinge on their tour to different libries. The invitation to the... Continue Reading →

How to Survive the Swedish Church

SWEDEN. The Swedish title of this book is Konsten att överleva Svenska kyrkan and it's written by Helena Edlund who worked as a priest for 12 years. It's well known that the Swedish Church is heavily left leaning and that it's a very unhealthy workplace. And Helena gives the reader a look behind the scenes.... Continue Reading →

9 Myths about Immigration

SWEDEN. I found an article from 2015 and it was so typical for how the media wanted to educate us during the peak of immigration. I just had to refute these "false" claims. The article refered to these sources, but weren't more precise than this: the leftist paper ETC, the Church of Sweden, Brå, Dagens... Continue Reading →

Church of Sweden Are Pro-Adhan

SWEDEN. When the Church Assembly for the Church of Sweden met they voted against having a critical stance towards calls to prayer (adhan). The bill came from a member of the Sweden Democrats and it said that the church should have a critical stance when it comes to adhan, a phenomenon which are spreading through... Continue Reading →

Jesus Successor

SWEDEN. I could name this post Why I left the Church of Sweden because this kind of behaviour is one of the reasons why I left and became Catholic.  I wrote about Greta Thunberg in late August about her strike from school to help the enviroment. I assume that those problems with the climate are... Continue Reading →

Church of Sweden Helped Traffickers

SWEDEN. New information have surfaced in the big trafficking case in Växsjö. It turns out that the Church of Sweden was well aware of the beggars situation, but chose not to do anything. It was at Diakonicentrum, a welfare center run by the churchs deacons, that those who ran the trafficking more or less had... Continue Reading →

Catholic Bishops Meet to Discuss Immigration

SWEDEN. This weekend a summit is being held called A movement of humanity: the flow of migrants and news. Dialogue and communication for a culture of encounter held in Stockholm for Catholic bishops from all over Europe. The main focus is to find ways to work against the bad press massimmigration has been getting recently. They... Continue Reading →

The Donkeyrider?

SWEDEN. Every summer the Swedish Radio (SR) let a number of both famous and unfamous people send an hour where they share their story, thoughts and favourite music. It's very popular and on 3/7 it was Kent Wistis turn.  For disclosure I have to mention that I haven't listened to Wistis broadcast, mainly because I... Continue Reading →

Dean Prevents Free Speech

SWEDEN. Journalist and author Thomas Gür, immigrant from Turkey, is known for commenting on present day issues. And since he's chosen to remain in reality instead of entering the so called opinion corridore he's not been treated very well by the media. He has also had a number of pop-up seminars that he announces on... Continue Reading →

Arif Mo

SWEDEN. Dear child has many names, kärt barn har många namn, is a Swedish saying that applies to Afghan refugee Arif Moradi. Or Arif Mo. Or Niklas Mo or maybe Alexander Arif Moradi. But he is only dear to a group of middleaged women. The rest of us think he's a creep. Arif came to... Continue Reading →

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