Persecution of Christians – week 3

The World Watch List 2019 were released this week. It shows that 245 million Christians are persecuted in the world, which makes them the biggest group that are victims of persecution. Asia is the worst place to be Christian and one in three live under high persecution. You find links to articles that break down... Continue Reading →


Persecution of Christians – week 2

In November 82-year old Märta in Sweden took a taxi home from the doctor, but the Muslim driver stopped in the middle of nowhere and ordered her to leave the cab. According to the driver Märta had said hostile things about Islam, but Märta denies this and say that he wanted her to leave after... Continue Reading →

Turkey Rebuilds ISIS

IRAQ. National Police Brigadier General Aref al-Zebari in Mosul have given an interview about how ISIS are mobilising in the area. And how Turkey is helping them. He said: We found one cell of seventeen fighters trying to reconstitute themselves into an active terror cell. When we arrested them, they were carrying fake IDs, money,... Continue Reading →

Brunson Is Free!

TURKEY. Pastor Andrew Brunson will be released! Brunsons case was due in court today and they judged him to three years in prison. But as he has been locked up since his arrest in October 2016 he will be released directly. But now he's free to return to USA. Trump has worked hard to get... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 40

Muslims in Indonesia want the laws to be more Islamic and that means that Christians get a harder time. The authorities have now closed down three churches without to giving any other reason than “administrative reasons”. Nobody knows why these churches were singled out, but for the last ten years about a thousand churches have been... Continue Reading →

Islamic Relief Worldwide

I was checking out the aid organisation Världens Barn (ca Children of the World) and by chance I saw that they work with Islamic Relief. I couldn't believe my eyes! You just have to google once to find out that they are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. My first thought was to email Världens Barn and... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 23

A catholic priest opened the gates to the chapel in Bethlehem, Palestina, to let tourists in, including two women who were being harassed by two men. The priest talked to the men and then of them pulled a knife and stabbed the priest. Thankfully the injury was minor. A group of christian preachers in Uganda... Continue Reading →

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