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It’s Confirmed – the Governments Media Is Leftist

SWEDEN. It's well known that the states television and radio leans heavily to the left and a new report from Näringslivets medieinstitut (NMI) confirms this. They looked into the 50 latest convictions by the review board during 2012 to 2019 to see if SVT really is as impartial as they claim. It showed that they… Continue reading It’s Confirmed – the Governments Media Is Leftist

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More Islamists in Örebro

SWEDEN. The number of Islamists are increasing in the borough Vivalla in Örebro says the local police Anna Johansson. The police doesn't know how many they are or how big the increase is. There's a theory that things haven't changed, but that the attention towards the group is the reason why they are percieved as… Continue reading More Islamists in Örebro

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The Crusades Were Justified

SWEDEN. Popular myths about history are influencing the general opinion, but those who think that they are educating others are themselves in a big need of schooling. I listened to a history podcast by the Swedish Radio, which is tax funded, the other day about Hildegard of Bingen and the crusades were mentioned. They said… Continue reading The Crusades Were Justified

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Hanif Bali Speaks Truth once Again

SWEDEN. Hanif Bali is a Member of Parliament for the Moderate Party who speaks his mind and that's why many likes him. Except for the left who routinely go crazy over something he does. His great sin this time was to call the ISIS-brides who want to return ISIS-honor (female animals) and since the left… Continue reading Hanif Bali Speaks Truth once Again

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Is Your Valentine a Racist?

SWEDEN. This is a hilariously stupid test made by a foundation called Teskedsorden who work for diversity. They have also created an app with a game about everyday racism. The language is crappy because that's how it was written. Is it strange that our Minister of Culture, who has culture as it's main responsibility, can't understand why her dreads is a problem? Do you really have to explain that the Minister of Culture focus on culture? Yes,… Continue reading Is Your Valentine a Racist?

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Feminists Sentenced for Discrimination

SWEDEN. After the large numbers of sexual assualts at music festivals a group of feminists organized Statement, a festival for women, trans- and none-binary persons. The artists belonged to these groups too. The Equality commissionary have looked into this and the verdict is that it's discrimination to have a festival which is "free from cis-men".… Continue reading Feminists Sentenced for Discrimination

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The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Here's a summary of some things that have happened recently. The police are informing the public on how to act regarding to the risk of terror attacks while christmas shopping. The advice is to be extra observant in pedestrian streets, on public transports and at different events. You shouldn't wear headphones and always check… Continue reading The state of Sweden