To Limit Democracy

SWEDEN. May 1 is upon us and the traditional demonstrations will take place all over the country as the Social Democratic Party protest against... themselves? But as always there are others who have been granted the right to demonstrate by the police and the nazi-organisation the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) to do so in Fagersta,... Continue Reading →

The Social Democrats & the Islamists

SWEDEN. Socialdemocrats for belief and solidarity (SKSF - Socialdemokrater för tro och solidaritet) is an association that have worked together with Swedens Muslim Council (SMR - Sveriges Muslimska Råd) to bring muslims into the political world. They have denied this collaboration several times. A document from 1999 show that SKSF and SMR wanted, among other... Continue Reading →

Pamphletgate part Two

SWEDEN. I wrote yesterday about the pamphlet with information to those who are married to a child. Here comes some additional information. The woman who wrote the pamphlet is said to like F! (leftist feminist party), Ship to Gaza and genderstudies. She is also a member of the online group #jagärhär (I am here) who... Continue Reading →

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