Planned Terror Attack in Östersund

SWEDEN. A man was arrested on Thursday the 15th for planning a terror attack in the city centre. He was drawing attention to himself by driving back and forth so somebody called the police. When they chased him he crashed into a stone slab in central Östersund. They found several knives in the car and... Continue Reading →

Brutal Battery of Two Young Women

SWEDEN. Two young women had left a disco on Boxing Day in the city of Strömssund when one man started to push one of them around. From there it quickly escalated. The man started hitting her in her face, on her arms and chest. Her friend came to help her, but got her knee crushed... Continue Reading →

Yesterdays arrest of terrorists

SWEDEN. Now  there is more information about the arrest of terrorists and confiscation of goods in Akalla and Strömsund. Also, yesterday I wrote that three men were arrested in Akalla, but that was wrong. It was two men and one in Strömsund. In Strömsund, in the north of Sweden, neighbors of the arrested man have said... Continue Reading →

Three Arrested for Preparing Terror

SWEDEN. At 4.30 AM today Swedens National Security Police, SÄPO, took action together with the swedish police in Strömsund in the north of Sweden and in Akalla, north west of Stockholm. It was in Akalla that three persons were arrested and they are all from Uzbekistan, which is the homeland of Rakhmat Akilov, the Drottninggatan-terrorist.... Continue Reading →

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