Pope Francis & Islam

THE VATICAN. I'm not a fan of our current pope, as I have written befor. His approach to Islam and how he diminsh it's persecution of others is my main reason for that. Pope Francis have played down the violence in Islam a number of times and has several times claimed that it's a Religion … Continue reading Pope Francis & Islam


Dialogue with Islam is Impossible

ITALY. American priest Fr. Mario Portella were interviewed by La Verità on 22 November about his book Islam: Religion of Peace? The Violation of Natural Rights and Western Cover-Up. All of us who have read the Quran or even bits of it know that it calls for violence against non-believers and that's what Fr. Portella says openly instead … Continue reading Dialogue with Islam is Impossible

Muslim terrorism Doesn’t Exist

Vatican. I had not read this letter by Pope Francis, from February 2017, but it's very interesting. But this paragraph from the end of it drives me crazy: The other is a reflection that I shared at our most recent World Meeting of Popular Movements, and I feel is important to say it again: no … Continue reading Muslim terrorism Doesn’t Exist

Pope Francis must Go

VATICAN. I'm Catholic and I hate how some are doing their very best to destroy the church that Jesus gave us. There's something truly diabolic about this and those who have claimed that there's a homosexual leftist group within the church doesn't seem all that conspiratorial anymore. First I have to mention the victims and … Continue reading Pope Francis must Go

Persecution of christians – week 25

In Sydney, Australia, a meeting with members from the Liberal Party at an Islamic-owned charcoal chicken shop turned into a brawl. The owner was a councillar in the party and they met there for a discussion. The Muslims outnumbered the Christians, shouting things like Coptic dogs, a man was on the ground getting hit with … Continue reading Persecution of christians – week 25

Persecution of christians – week 24

A 24-year old man from Pakistan was beaten to death by the police. They were blackmailing his relative, saying that if the relative didn't give them money they would file false charges against him. They are now pressing the mans family to drop the charges and reconcile with them. A catholic priest was shot and … Continue reading Persecution of christians – week 24