Another Shooting in Another Small Town

SWEDEN. Yesterday at about 14.30 there was a shooting in the small town of Falköping. A 25-year old man was shot on Wetterlins Street and someone was seen leave on a moped. The victim was alive when the ambulance came and there hasn't been any news about his condition. Rumours says that it was a... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Swedens Anti-Lockdown Strategy

Angry Foreigner summarize how Sweden are handling the Corona pandemic and he's absolutely spot on. Swedes count on that the state knows best, that officials make the right decisions and will take care of things. In the meantime we carry on as usual, convinced that we and our systems are so exceptional that covid-19 will... Continue Reading →

Joking About Islam Is Hate

SWEDEN. Legendary soccerplayer Glenn Hysén told a joke on Twitter that upset Muslims. The differences between the western and the Islamic culture are gradually becoming obvious in our daily lives. Conflicts arise when people view and handle things in very different ways. Glenn comes from Gothenburg which is known for it's special kind of humor... Continue Reading →

Violence & Threats Against Soccer Referees

SWEDEN. It was in November that the teams Neutrala IF (mainly Somali and from the no go zone Biskopsgården) and Tynnered FC (mainly Middle East & Balkan), both from Gothenburg, met. It ended in violence. The first thing to mention is that these teams play in division 6, which isn't very high, and the players... Continue Reading →

Team Excluded from League because of Violence

SWEDEN. Two soccer teams from no go zones in Gothenburg have been excluded for their behaviour and know their are protesting outside the football stadium Ullevi. It's Bergsjöns SK (earlier called Somaliska SK) and Angereds SK that won't be allowed to take part in the series game. The reason is that they have been so... Continue Reading →

Sexual Crimes on the Rise at Gothia Cup

SWEDEN. Gothia Cup, World Youth Cup, is a huge soccer tournament for girls and boys (70% of the participants are boys) between the ages of 11 and 19. It has taken place in Gothenburg every summer since 1975. About 1700 teams from 80 countries participates and on the 110 fields 4500 games are played.  The... Continue Reading →

Icelands Soccerpromo Is Aryan Propaganda

ICELANDs official video for the upcoming world cup features an animated version of the team inspired by the countrys viking past. Music critic Arnar Egert Thoroddssen slammed the video saying the imagery was aryan and that the football players looked inhuman and barbaric, reminding of white power. Others claimed it was chauvinistic and har similarities to... Continue Reading →

26ºC in the Shade

I sit by the green soccer field watching the children running around wearing shorts and t-shirts, practicing dribbling and shooting. The boys and girls, in their respective teams, are having fun with their friends. At the far end of the field four somali girls, perhaps eleven years old, play around with a football in the... Continue Reading →

The Left Loves Dictatures

I used to be a leftie. I grew up in a socialist home and Maos The little red book stood on my parents bookshelf. But when I learned more about how the left have fangirled around dictatures and their leaders I opted out. How is it possible that western socialistic organizations have had and still... Continue Reading →

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