Violence & Threats Against Soccer Referees

SWEDEN. It was in November that the teams Neutrala IF (mainly Somali and from the no go zone Biskopsgården) and Tynnered FC (mainly Middle East & Balkan), both from Gothenburg, met. It ended in violence. The first thing to mention is that these teams play in division 6, which isn't very high, and the players … Continue reading Violence & Threats Against Soccer Referees

Sexual Crimes on the Rise at Gothia Cup

SWEDEN. Gothia Cup, World Youth Cup, is a huge soccer tournament for girls and boys (70% of the participants are boys) between the ages of 11 and 19. It has taken place in Gothenburg every summer since 1975. About 1700 teams from 80 countries participates and on the 110 fields 4500 games are played.  The … Continue reading Sexual Crimes on the Rise at Gothia Cup

The Left Loves Dictatures

I used to be a leftie. I grew up in a socialist home and Maos The little red book stood on my parents bookshelf. But when I learned more about how the left have fangirled around dictatures and their leaders I opted out. How is it possible that western socialistic organizations have had and still … Continue reading The Left Loves Dictatures