Why the West is a Success



The Ideological Battle of Venezuela

VENEZUELA. I was listening to Aron Flams interview with journalist Annika Hernroth-Rothstein about her experiences in Venezuela. One day she met Kajsa "Ekis" Ekman there and she immediately started to lecture Annika to make sure she visited "the right" areas.  Worn down by the desperation of Venezuela and the sight of starving children told her that after reporting from several war zones she didn't need advise from someone wearing a thouroghly ironed dress from Burberry. Kajsa is a classic "red wine leftists" who live … Continue reading The Ideological Battle of Venezuela

Löfven Stir up Conflicts

SWEDEN. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven held a speech yesterday for the European elections this May. He continued to warn about the huge threat society face from Nazis and the Alt-right. But don't worry, the Social Democrats will save us all. Somehow. The extreme right tries to consolidate in country after country, to release extreme nationalism on … Continue reading Löfven Stir up Conflicts

The Left Party – Past and Present

SWEDEN. The Left Party have an interesting history, but communism, support of dictatures and terrorism haven't stopped people from voting for them. They got 8% in this years election and their member Lotta Johnsson Fornarve were chosen as the Second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament. Until 1990 the party was called Left Party the Communists … Continue reading The Left Party – Past and Present

Activists Want to Re-educate Dissidents in the Compassionate Gulags

UNITED KINGDOM. It felt like a bad joke when I read about the LGBTQ activists at Goldsmiths University in London that defends the labour camps in Soviet, which killed 1,053,829 people from 1934 to 1953. To send bigots to the Gulags would be compassionate.  During a discussion on Twitter whether feminist academics consider trans-women to be … Continue reading Activists Want to Re-educate Dissidents in the Compassionate Gulags

A 100 million reasons

SWEDEN. Stockholm Pride has taken place this week and it hasn't been without scandals mostly because of Prides superleftist agenda.. First, before it even started, it became known that Ilan Sadé leader, Medborglig Samling, wasn't welcome with his party. Pride said that the liberalconservative party didn't fullfill their basic values, which isn't true and ironically … Continue reading A 100 million reasons

Conservatism: a mental illness?

When Kanye West posted that tweet about liking the way Candance Owens thinks all hell broke loose, especially since he didn't stop with that but went on to praise Trump. The left almost exploded with indignation that a black man and a black woman had the nerve to think for themselves.  Within seconds the critics … Continue reading Conservatism: a mental illness?