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Leah Sharibu: Kidnapped for Two Years

NIGERIA. In this short video from Open Doors South Africa Leahs family and their pastor talks about their fears and the rumours about her situation.

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EUROPE. This is an amazing documentary by Lauren Southern and her team that shows the migrant crisis from different perspectives. Very moving!

Criminality, Persecution of Christians, Politics, Religion

Persecution of Christians – week 1

Africa was the deadliest continent for Catholic clergy in 2018. 40 were killed worldwide and 21 of them died in Africa (19 priests, one seminarian and one lay worker). In 2017 there were 23 Deaths so the number has risen. South Africa have been the deadlies for seven years in a row. Three of the… Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 1

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2015 Was Only the Beginning

Migration and Africa researcher Stephen Smith is convinced that the number of people who migrate from Africa will increase, for several reasons.  Smith write in his new book, The rush to Europe, that the pressure on Europe from African migrants will increase. The population in Africa keeps growing and by 2050 the continent will be… Continue reading 2015 Was Only the Beginning

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The Left Loves Dictatures

I used to be a leftie. I grew up in a socialist home and Maos The little red book stood on my parents bookshelf. But when I learned more about how the left have fangirled around dictatures and their leaders I opted out. How is it possible that western socialistic organizations have had and still… Continue reading The Left Loves Dictatures