The Tent Sham

SWEDEN. This weekend we could read headlines like "Newly arrived immigrants thrown out of their housing - are forced to live in tents". Sentimental articles about something that turned out to be a sham. Out camping in November The immigrants apartment contracts have expired and their landlords just threw out their possessions so new immigrants... Continue Reading →

Justice – not Sharia

SWEDEN. Earlier this year a man who had beaten his wife was aquitted and one of the reasons given were that he came from "a good family". This was the first case of sharia law infiltrating the Swedish juducial system. This took place in the court of Solna and it was two lay assessors that... Continue Reading →

Playgrounds for Adults

SWEDEN. Faradj Koliev, a representative for The Socialdemocratic Party in parliament, wants to build playgrounds for adults in Solna, Stockholm. He got the idea when he was at the playground with his daughter and another parent said that it would be fun if they could play too. After a visit to adult playgrounds in San... Continue Reading →

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