Updated List of No Go zones

SWEDEN. The news reported that it wasn't sure that this list would be published as many municipalities says it demonizes the area, makes it hard to build houses as nobody wants to live there and also it scares away companies that might invest. I guess if you read between the lines the municipalities want to … Continue reading Updated List of No Go zones


The no go-zones of Sweden

SWEDEN. I have mentioned "our" no go-zones several times, but never listed the 61 areas that the police call vulnerable areas (such a stupid name). They divide them into three categories: 1. Particularly vulnurable areas - are signified by social problems and criminality that has caused a prevailing unwillingness to take part in legal procedings … Continue reading The no go-zones of Sweden

One pin to Rule Them All

SWEDEN. The work enviroment at the hospital in Södertälje is really bad and threats, insults and violence is a common occurence. But don't worry! Their Chief of Security, Melina Mellin, has found the solution! Together with the staff she has designed a pin that every nurse and physician can wear on their scrubs to prevent … Continue reading One pin to Rule Them All