Greta Thunbergs Father Writes Her FB-posts

SWEDEN. This is another sign that Greta isn't the child protégé that she has been depicted as. A bug on Facebook made it possible to see who had written the posts and it showed that the author on Gretas page is her father, Svante Thunberg. Indian UN delegate and climat activist Adarsh Prathap has also written... Continue Reading →

Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

52-year old Najah al-Shammari is the well-paid minister of defense in IRAQ who, at the same time, is a refugee on sick leave in SWEDEN. He takes idea of split personality to a whole new level. al-Shammari became the minister of defense this June and he has a military background, including a M.A. in military... Continue Reading →

Update on Police Department Attack

FRANCE. We are told the same things after every terrorattack and that that narrative slowly falls apart. The attack that killed four in a police departement in Paris is now being investigated as a case of terrorism. The murderers wife has been questioned at length and could provide evidence that he had contact with Salafists... Continue Reading →

15-year old Kidnapped & Raped by Afghan

SWEDEN. Last Sunday a 15-year old girl was kidnapped in Ludvika and on Wednesday, the fourth of September, she was found in an apartment in Gävle with an Afghan man. The had been playing in a school yard just minutes from here home, but never returned home. During the days when she was missing she... Continue Reading →

Volvo Might Have to Leave Sweden

SWEDEN. The CEO of Volvo, Håkan Samuelsson, was interviewed by the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet where he expressed his concerns about the companies future. Håkan said that there was a reluctance among tech experts and engineers to move to Gothenburg where the headquarters are. Volvo is slowly losing the appeal of among the specialists that they... Continue Reading →

Woman Pushed from Balcony

SWEDEN. On Thursday the 13th there was another horrible accident when a woman fell from the third floor of an apartment house. At first the Twitter rumour was that this wasn't, off course you racist pig, an immigrant who had pushed his wife or daughter over the railing. It was an accident that took happened... Continue Reading →

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