Serial-Offender Kick 12-year old in the Head

SWEDEN. A beating took place this summer in the small city of Skövde, but nobody knew about it. There were no headlines and no outrage until the video surfaced and showed the brutal beating of a 12-year old boy. It's the revenge for that he and his brother have reported the other boy, Hassan, three... Continue Reading →

Baby Got Brain Damage

SWEDEN. A baby that were born in Skövde contracted jaundice a couple of days after birth. But the parents couldn't understand the instructions given by the medical staff and it ended with the baby getting a brain damage. The parents didn't speak Swedish so the care staff informed them in English. But they didn't understand... Continue Reading →

Why Female Immigrants Doesn’t Get Jobs

Last week I read an interview in a small, local swedish newspaper with a somali woman who said a couple of things that I found interesting. - I know several people that can't speak swedish. They have been here for ten years. This isn't uncommon when it comes to immigrants, no matter what country they... Continue Reading →

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