Rapes Keep Increasing

SWEDEN. Borås, Hedemora, Uppsala, Piteå, Stockholm, Skellefteå, Helsingborg and Malmö all have one thing in common. They are cities where there have been rapes in the last two weeks, but I suspect that it has happened in more places. These rapes were assault rapes that took place outside and were performed by strangers. Only in... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible Immigrants Gets Rewarded

SWEDEN. In Skellefteå the hospital have had problems with immigrants who kept missing their appointments. The way to make them behave like adults: no tolls on the buses. So typical Sweden! Immigrants misbehave and they are rewarded for it. If I ignored my appointments I would get a fat bill and a scolding. The cost... Continue Reading →

Immigrant Raped 10-year Old

SWEDEN. A 10-year old girl got raped in the afternoon of 25 October in a courtyard in Malmö. She didn't know the offender. After five days Mohammad turned himself in, he's born 1988 and came to Sweden 2009 from Libya. He has confessed to the crime. He is also suspected for several other crimes, including... Continue Reading →

Literally last Night in Sweden

SWEDEN. I listened to the news as I was drinking my coffe this morning and it was like they were trying to convince us to vote for a change. So I looked into the crimes that occured yesterday and in many of the cases I found the usual markers (moped, big group, outside, toilet) that signal... Continue Reading →

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