Persecution of Christians – week 52

The United Kingdom have plan to deport Asher Samson, 41, who came to the country from Pakistan to study to be a pastor. He later applied for asylum because he was beaten and repeatedly threatened with execution by Islamic extremists at home. He has said that he fear for his life. Also, the UK have... Continue Reading →

Hate Crimes on the Rise in LA

USA. The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations have released a report showing hate crimes in 2017. This is which different religions that were afflicted: Jew 72% (increased by 4% from 2016)Muslim 12%Catholic 11%Protestant 3%Sikh 1%Other Christians 1% The complete number of hate crimes have risen by 5% and when it comes to which groups... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 32

A Pentecostal Church in Alchevsk, Ukraine, was raided by armed men (either the State Security Ministry or the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic) for holding an illegal worship meeting. It led to two court cases. Things like this is a common occurence. Somebody shot through the glass windows of a German church in Stohlberg during evening... Continue Reading →

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