Court Prioritiese Ideology Over Child Protection

USA. I wrote about James ..... This isn't science. It's politics and unproven ideas. But there will be no protection of James and his integrity. Bodil autonom. As with all medial intervention (I won't use the word treatment) there must be side effects that will affect the quality of life negativly. On top of the … Continue reading Court Prioritiese Ideology Over Child Protection

Immigrants Are a Burden on Health Care

SWEDEN. Mats Reimer is a pediatrician who wrote a very interesting debate article last week on why immigrants won't save the health care by working as nursing assistants, but need more care than Swedes. This applies particularly to dental care and a Danish study from 2010 show that caries are highest among children in families … Continue reading Immigrants Are a Burden on Health Care

Save the Orcs

MIDDLE-EARTH. This text, a satire, is written and performed by Andrew Klavan from the Daily Wire. Enjoy! A science fiction writer says Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien was racist because he didn’t like Orcs. True story. Author Andy Duncan told Wired Magazine — and this is a real quote: "It's hard to miss the repeated notion in … Continue reading Save the Orcs

Studies on Whiteness

SWEDEN. Do you remember when anti-racism was about being colourblind and "sitting together at a table of brotherhood"? Now it's about skincolour all the time and the colour of your skin determines all. The university in Gothenburg have started a new network that will critically study whiteness. The philosophy behind this is that if you … Continue reading Studies on Whiteness