Feminism Is Totalitarian

Sargon of Akkad talks about why feminism is an oppressive ideology. https://youtu.be/1Fjhuae_gSw


Living in Dystophia

SWEDEN. When I see things like this it feels like Sweden is about to go under. And as things have changed so fast I fear for the future. How much worse will it get? And at the same time the politicians bicker without getting anywhere. It's unbelievably frustrating! 

Caliphate in the UK

UK. This video makes me want to cry because it's so horrible what the west have turned into. Shut up and be quiet or take the consequences, because the police are to controlled and afraid to protect the victims. They are busy upholding sharia law.

Islamist in Prison

UK. British Sargon of Akkad doesn't dare to report on Tommy Robinsons imprisonment since there's a risk of being arrested. So he talks about islamists in british prisons. https://youtu.be/OD-BRJdnUsM I can mention that the same problem exist in Sweden and I read in a paper some time ago that prisons search for non-radical imams. It … Continue reading Islamist in Prison