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Persecution of Christians in India

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Joakim Lamotte

SWEDEN. Joakim Lamotte is an independent journalist who takes on the subjects that the ordinary media refuse to touch. Lamotte often travel to the place that he's covering and just talk to the locals in a public area so they can make their voices heard. He was in Kronogården, Trollhättan, during the recent riot and… Continue reading Joakim Lamotte

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Islams 99-1 Rule

"If, out of every 100 listeners, 99 mindlessly accept what is said, and only 1 questions what is said, the 99 can silence the 1 through pressure, ridicule, intimidation, abuse, or violence." An interesting and very explanatory video about how the rules of Islam keep Muslims in a state of ignorence. Who dares to be… Continue reading Islams 99-1 Rule


48 Hours in Sweden

SWEDEN. Jack Nilsson has compiled this list of news reports from the last two days and nights. Some things are normal stuff and other things are part of the new normal. Woman robbed, MalmöElderly woman in wheelchair beaten and robbed in a hospital, SundsvallWoman robbed on Lilla Torg, MalmöRape, JärfällaRape, HaningeWoman murdered and man arrested,… Continue reading 48 Hours in Sweden


The Miserable State of Sweden

Heres a list of some of the things that happened in Sweden from the 14th to the 20th of December: 7 murders whereof 2 in arsons5 attempted murders4 people were shot13 were stabbed6 shootingsRiots in Trollhättan, Vänersborg and Gothenburgthe police was attackedan apartment was shot at2 bombs were found armed robberies rapesa kidnappingcarfiresa carjackingimmigrated criminals… Continue reading The Miserable State of Sweden