Media Was in on It

SWEDEN. It has showed that the sham with the tents were part of a campaign by a leftist organisation which want to form opinion about housing and rents. But it's even more to it than that. It was the eminent Rebecca Weidmo Uvell that dug up the information and managed to find out who was … Continue reading Media Was in on It


Islamic Relief Worldwide

I was checking out the aid organisation Världens Barn (ca Children of the World) and by chance I saw that they work with Islamic Relief. I couldn't believe my eyes! You just have to google once to find out that they are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. My first thought was to email Världens Barn and … Continue reading Islamic Relief Worldwide

What Does it Mean to Be Swedish?

SWEDEN. I truly recommend this documentary about the contemporary Sweden. It will only be available on youtube for a while, but to get English subtitles you have to rent it on Vimeo. It features debaters from both the right and the left and a lot of footage.

Social Democrat Lies Online in Arabic

SWEDEN. Thanks to journalists Galaxia Elias and Rebecca Weidmo Uvell information from an Arabic FB-page belonging to the Social Democratic Party in Sävsjö have become translated and available for everybody. It's verified that this is genuine. The page has been taken down, but are being spread between Muslims and their organizations through cop paste. I have … Continue reading Social Democrat Lies Online in Arabic

Interrogated by police because of Satire

SWEDEN. Jan Sjunnesson, author, journalist and teacher, were called to the police to be interrogated accused of hets mot folkgrupp (persecution of ethnic groups) beacause of two satire book covers that he had posted on his facebook page 30/9 2017. In his youth Jan was an active communist concerned about the welfare of refugees, but … Continue reading Interrogated by police because of Satire