The Monstrous Failure of Political Correctness

Chaos in My Kids School

SWEDEN. I was at a meeting at the school where my child goes the other day because of fighting and other disturbances that makes it almost impossible to study. The children in question goes to the sixth grade, which means that they are twelve years, and they have all gone to other schools before. I … Continue reading Chaos in My Kids School

Lowers Temperatures in Retirement Homes

SWEDEN. The municipality of Motala must save money as they have "lived above their means" as Kåre Friberg, local politician for the Moderate Party, puts it. The population in Motala is 43 756 (June 2019) and in 2014 15% were born abroad. Many immigrants have been placed there so now the percentage must be much higher, … Continue reading Lowers Temperatures in Retirement Homes

More on Greta

USA. I really recommend that you listen or watch to this episode of Matt Walshs show. He talks about Greta Thunberg and climate hysteria and really hits the head of the nail. Then he goes on to talk about that Denzel Washington has been offered the part of Magneto in a new X-men movie and … Continue reading More on Greta