Aylan Kurdis Father “Fled” to Get New Teeth

TURKEY. I had never seen this part of the interview, probably because the media wanted to protect their narrative. But that little boy didn't die because us Europeans are racist, but because his father was greedy. https://youtu.be/QZUuoaq1MLM

Chaos in My Kids School

SWEDEN. I was at a meeting at the school where my child goes the other day because of fighting and other disturbances that makes it almost impossible to study. The children in question goes to the sixth grade, which means that they are twelve years, and they have all gone to other schools before. I… Continue reading Chaos in My Kids School

Lowers Temperatures in Retirement Homes

SWEDEN. The municipality of Motala must save money as they have "lived above their means" as Kåre Friberg, local politician for the Moderate Party, puts it. The population in Motala is 43 756 (June 2019) and in 2014 15% were born abroad. Many immigrants have been placed there so now the percentage must be much higher,… Continue reading Lowers Temperatures in Retirement Homes

More on Greta

USA. I really recommend that you listen or watch to this episode of Matt Walshs show. He talks about Greta Thunberg and climate hysteria and really hits the head of the nail. Then he goes on to talk about that Denzel Washington has been offered the part of Magneto in a new X-men movie and… Continue reading More on Greta

Study Finds Migrant Voices

SWEDEN. A new study from the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm have been released. 6 516 persons in 54 municipalities participated. One purpose was to explore how non-European migrants view integration and another was to find out the values of migrants depending on their country of origin and other background factors. The entire report… Continue reading Study Finds Migrant Voices

Another Innocent Murdered

SWEDEN. Yesterday a woman in her thirties was shot in the head and died. She was carrying her two months old baby in her arms. It's unknown why she was shot, if she was a target or just happened to get in the way of the eight shots that was fired. The main theory is… Continue reading Another Innocent Murdered

Race-Baiter Al Sharpton

USA. It's becoming all the more obvious that the Democrats feel compelled to object to everything that Donald Trump says, even when he's being right. The presidents tweets about the problems in Baltimore are absolutely correct and all of those who are calling him a racist used to agree with this. One of them is… Continue reading Race-Baiter Al Sharpton

New Apartments for Immigrants

SWEDEN. Apartments are scarce all over the country and to get one you often have to que for a long time. Everyone except for immigrants. Kungsbacka is situated to the south of Gothenburg and there the municipality have built 52 apartments especially for 300 immigrants. The new tennants have started to move in this week… Continue reading New Apartments for Immigrants

Having that Jimmie-Moment

SWEDEN. A new saying has appeared during the last weeks: Jimmie-moment. The phrase is named after Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats (SD), and means that moment when you realise that things aren't unproblematic with massimmigration, that multiculturalism has a downside. It is, of course, the same as joining the dark side according to… Continue reading Having that Jimmie-Moment