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Norrby Isn’t Sweden Anymore

SWEDEN. Norrby is a no go-zone in central Borås and the municipality has recently released a status report about the area. It shows something completely different from the Swedish society. Norrby has turned into a segregated enclave where the clan, Islam and honour direct the rules, not the Swedish law. Many of the residents in… Continue reading Norrby Isn’t Sweden Anymore

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Court Accepts Polygamy

SWEDEN Polygamy have been accepted in a practical way here, but now it's also accepted by Swedish law when it comes to economic benefits. And it happened almost by chance. An immigrated family with a man and two wifes lived in two apartments. One of the wifes lived "alone" with her and the husbands ten children and she was registred as married. The… Continue reading Court Accepts Polygamy

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Radicalization in Nyköping

SWEDEN. The district of Brandkärr, also called Little Mogadishu since many of the residents come from Somalia, in the town Nyköping is on it's way to become a society within society. A new report show that the area is getting more radicalized, even though I would use the word islamicized. The report is based on… Continue reading Radicalization in Nyköping

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Culture Relativism

SWEDEN. It was when I said that I'm not a culture relativist that one of my relatives snapped and started an emotional tirade about how dissapointing I am. Frankly, that made me very surprised. To say that not all cultures have the same value, that a practice should only be compared to that culture, seemed… Continue reading Culture Relativism