The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism

This idea that everybody is kind and trustworthy is dangerous. It's not positive thinking. It's beyond naive. Instead we need to return to the "oppressive and negative" view of humanity which said that we have fallen into sin and need to change. We have to start using some common sense again and see reality for... Continue Reading →


Paris is a Sh*thole

FRANCE. I've always wanted to visit Paris and experience the culture and atmosphere, but those things doesn't seem to exist anymore. Instead there's excrement and rats!

Welcome to Sweden

SWEDEN is slowly turning into a shithole country and everybody knows it. The whole world are either laughing at us or shaking their heads in disbelief of our altruistic failure. Especially how some doesn't want to see it. Here's two videos who makes you laugh and at the same time scares the shit out of... Continue Reading →

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