What Started the Fire?

FRANCE. This entire post is from and by Pamela Geller about how the tragic fire at Notre Dame started. Here is a little background first from Maxime Lépante, our French correspondent in France: Notre-Dame was one of the most important jewels of all human history. It started the “Gothic” architecture revolution, that was, from 12th … Continue reading What Started the Fire?


FGM all over the west

UK/USA. Cutters, women whose job it is to mutilate girls genitals, are being flown to the UK. And probably other countries too. Just because you move to a new country you don't leave your culture and values behind. And if you believe that FGM is right and necessary you will make sure that your daughter … Continue reading FGM all over the west

Muslims demands & gets special treatment

USA. The Geller report have written several times about muslims in USA that demand different kinds of special treatment because of their religion. The latest one was about muslims at Amazon who demonstrated earlier this week because their supervisors didn't change the working conditions during ramadan. They claimed that the workload was unfair and dangerous. I can … Continue reading Muslims demands & gets special treatment

Southern Poverty Law Center

USA. SPLC is a nonprofit human rights organization in the US that focus on racism, islam, immigration, church-state division and LGBT-rights. They target people and organizations that they claim are extremists and this smear have severe consequences for them. So what makes you into a hater? For one thing, to speak up for civil rights … Continue reading Southern Poverty Law Center