Not many Deportations Are Carried Out

SWEDEN In 2016 Home Secretary Anders Ygeman (S) said that 80 000 immigrants of the 163 000 that arrived in 2015 might be deported. As expected, that was just empty words. During 2018 the police carried out 14 077 deportations and 649 of them were criminals who had been judged in court to be deported. 4 064 of them came from the Migration Agency and they do this when they suspect that … Continue reading Not many Deportations Are Carried Out


Comical Highlights from Sweden

SWEDEN. This video is in Swedish, but I just had to share it if there's any Swede who haven't seen it. It's fantastic!

So it Will be Correct

SWEDEN. This is Jens Ganman and Magnus Carlsson satire movie Så att det blir rätt! about Sweden where they use the real voices of those who are depicted. It didn't take long for Youtube to take it down, but now it's back up. Unfortunately there's no subtitles, but perhaps that will change. 

– Ask my brother-in-law!

SWEDEN. Comedian Özz Nujen is known for his activism against racism and how he smugly attacks everybody outside the "opinion corridore". In december in 2017 he wrote a piece on how "not knowing" is a convenient strategy for Jimmie Åkesson, leader of The Swedendemocrats. Now he uses it himself. Fervently. The investigation of terrorist Rakhmat … Continue reading – Ask my brother-in-law!