City Pays Immigrants Drivers Licences

SWEDEN. 12 immigrated women from the Middle East living in Oskarshamn will get parts of their drivers licence paid by the municipal which have caused a lot of irritation. A drivers license costs a lot of money, around 15 000 kronor ($1 609), so it's something that youths or their parents saves up for for... Continue Reading →

Do Not Assimilate!

SWEDEN. Two women weren't allowed to enter a shop because of their clothes. This didn't take place in the middle east, but in the little city of Oskarshamn on Swedens east coast. The two women, who are 25 years old, tried to enter the shop when a 35-year old man stopped them. He said that... Continue Reading →

Tuberculosis Makes a Comeback

SWEDEN. My maternal grandmothers moms sister died of tuberculosis in her early twenties. She wanted to become a photographer and we still have some of her photos from almost a hundred years ago. What would her life been like if she had lived? And now the disease that I thought was a thing of the... Continue Reading →

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