Protected by Task Force When Entering No Go Zone

SWEDEN. A county court visited Vivalla, a no go zone in Örebro, as they wanted to see the area where the murder of two men took place.  But you can't enter Vivalla, which possibly is the most crime ridden no go area in Sweden, if you don't belong there. No, the county court had to be... Continue Reading →

Harder to Predict Acts of Terror

SWEDEN. It has become harder for The Swedish Security Police, SÄPO, to assess who might carry out a terrorattack. The reason is that they aren't a part of the known networks but act alone.  Every other day SÄPO get a lead on a terror threat against Sweden and have to find out who will carry... Continue Reading →

Three Arrested for Preparing Terror

SWEDEN. At 4.30 AM today Swedens National Security Police, SÄPO, took action together with the swedish police in Strömsund in the north of Sweden and in Akalla, north west of Stockholm. It was in Akalla that three persons were arrested and they are all from Uzbekistan, which is the homeland of Rakhmat Akilov, the Drottninggatan-terrorist.... Continue Reading →

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