Charged for the Rape of His Teacher

SWEDEN. The student, a 19-year old from Syria, who raped his teacher about two months ago are being charged for sexual harrassement, assault and rape.  The first incident took place on 31 August where he placed his hand on her tigh, pulled up her skirt and squeezed her bottom. After that he started to send … Continue reading Charged for the Rape of His Teacher


Yes, the Rapist Is an Immigrant

SWEDEN. It didn't take many hours before my speculations about who had raped a teacher was confirmed. The suspect is a 19-year old, or so he claims, man who speaks arabic and is stateless. The man denies the crime. He is known by the police for drug offences, unlawful driving, resisting arrest and forging documents. … Continue reading Yes, the Rapist Is an Immigrant

Teacher Raped by Student

SWEDEN. On Friday afternoon, September 14, a female teacher at Brinell High School in Nässjö was pushed into a classroom and raped by a student in his twenties. She was severely chocked, but wasn't physically damaged. At first she didn't want to report what had happened to the police, but with support from her colleagues … Continue reading Teacher Raped by Student