Don’t Pretend

SWEDEN. Have to share this new and great video by the Swedish band Vengha. A new album is on the way so it's a good time to become a fan!

Is Your Valentine a Racist?

SWEDEN. This is a hilariously stupid test made by a foundation called Teskedsorden who work for diversity. They have also created an app with a game about everyday racism. The language is crappy because that's how it was written. Is it strange that our Minister of Culture, who has culture as it's main responsibility, can't understand why her dreads is a problem? Do you really have to explain that the Minister of Culture focus on culture? Yes,... Continue Reading →

Feminists Sentenced for Discrimination

SWEDEN. After the large numbers of sexual assualts at music festivals a group of feminists organized Statement, a festival for women, trans- and none-binary persons. The artists belonged to these groups too. The Equality commissionary have looked into this and the verdict is that it's discrimination to have a festival which is "free from cis-men".... Continue Reading →

Helen Was Imprisoned for Her Faith

ERITREA. Every singer dreams of realising their music to the world and that it will be possible to make a living doing what they love. But in 13 of May 2004, shortly after her gospel album T' Kebaeku (I Am Anointed) was released, Helen Berhane was arrested.  Eritrea is a dictature and Human Rights Watch says... Continue Reading →

Double Standards

When Beyonce did the half-time entertaiment at Super Bowl the whole world were in awe. Well, almost the whole world because some noticed and pointed out that her entire number was an accolade to the terroristgroup the Black Panthers. Imagine if anybody had made a tribute to the KKK in the same way. Nobody would... Continue Reading →

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