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A Summary of the Democratic Presidential Candidates

USA. The Democratic presidential candidates are debating and touring non-stop, but what they say are, as expected, contradictory. They are all, more or less, proposing the same things which leaves personal attacks as the only way to exclude their opponents. But though that's the case they doesn't aim for the others sore spots even though… Continue reading A Summary of the Democratic Presidential Candidates

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World Watch List 2020

Open Doors released their World Watch List 2020 today and it's, as usual, a very interesting read. Christians are the biggest persecuted group in the world and it's increasing. As many as 260 million Christians in 50 countries are subjected to high or extreme persecution. Another fifty million in 23 countries outside the top 50… Continue reading World Watch List 2020

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Fight the Infidels with Any Force You Have

Whenever you discuss Islam there's always someone who says that it's a religion of peace and that the quran is filled with flowers and sunshine. They are convinced that terrorists and others are misinterpeting the texts, twisting the words to say something that really isn't there (those who are actually doing the twisting and changing… Continue reading Fight the Infidels with Any Force You Have

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Confessed He Burned Pilot Alive

SWEDEN. Osama Krayem was born by Syrian migrants in Malmö 1992 and grew up in the no go zone Rosengård. He went from takin part in a movie about successful integration to belonging to the inner circle of ISIS which he joined in 2014. Moaz al-Kasasbeh was a fighterpilot in the Jordan army who was… Continue reading Confessed He Burned Pilot Alive


48 Hours in Sweden

SWEDEN. Jack Nilsson has compiled this list of news reports from the last two days and nights. Some things are normal stuff and other things are part of the new normal. Woman robbed, MalmöElderly woman in wheelchair beaten and robbed in a hospital, SundsvallWoman robbed on Lilla Torg, MalmöRape, JärfällaRape, HaningeWoman murdered and man arrested,… Continue reading 48 Hours in Sweden