They Can Have Blankets

SWEDEN. Gatstone Institute have published another great article about the migration madness here. Read about The Cost of Migration.

Lowers Temperatures in Retirement Homes

SWEDEN. The municipality of Motala must save money as they have "lived above their means" as Kåre Friberg, local politician for the Moderate Party, puts it. The population in Motala is 43 756 (June 2019) and in 2014 15% were born abroad. Many immigrants have been placed there so now the percentage must be much higher,... Continue Reading →

No Lucia, but Mohammed Is OK

SWEDEN. The Lucia quarrel is in full operation and this year it's crazier than ever! Preschools and elementary schools are banning parents from attending the Lucia parades while others have cancelled it all together. That's the case in Motala where they used the school law to stop Lucia because they doesn't want to exclude anyone. This... Continue Reading →

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