Hanif Bali Speaks Truth once Again

SWEDEN. Hanif Bali is a Member of Parliament for the Moderate Party who speaks his mind and that's why many likes him. Except for the left who routinely go crazy over something he does. His great sin this time was to call the ISIS-brides who want to return ISIS-honor (female animals) and since the left... Continue Reading →


The Left Party – Past and Present

SWEDEN. The Left Party have an interesting history, but communism, support of dictatures and terrorism haven't stopped people from voting for them. They got 8% in this years election and their member Lotta Johnsson Fornarve were chosen as the Second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament. Until 1990 the party was called Left Party the Communists... Continue Reading →

This Is Not a Joke

SWEDEN. Jens Ganman have made one of his hilarious pie charts in English, probably so our Chinese comrades will be able to enjoy it too. But don't forget to do as the Social Democrates say!

Swedens Borders Are Unmonitored

SWEDEN. A classified report by Schengen inspectors called Evaluation of Sweden in the field of management of the external borders shows that it has the most inefficient border controls in Europe. And the report was withheld until after the election because of it's political sensitivity. The border controls are not sufficiently manned, the staff lacks the... Continue Reading →

So it Will be Correct

SWEDEN. This is Jens Ganman and Magnus Carlsson satire movie Så att det blir rätt! about Sweden where they use the real voices of those who are depicted. It didn't take long for Youtube to take it down, but now it's back up. Unfortunately there's no subtitles, but perhaps that will change. 

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