Why Germany is the worst country EVER

GERMANY. Laughs and learning when Michael Knowles sum up 2000 years of German history. And they really are the cause of all evil. ūüėČ


That old time Religion

USA. This speech by The Daily Wires Michael Knowles is really good and I especially liked how he showed the importance of religion when it comes to shaping our society. His explanation may be a way to understand why it can be hard to integrate into a community that is vastly different from your own... Continue Reading →

Brigitte Gabriel

USA. Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire interviews Brigitte Gabriel who is an expert on islamic terror and an author of several books. They discuss islam, how it is a very political ideology that can't be compared with judaism and christianity and her personal experience as a child in Lebanon. And of course she is... Continue Reading →

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