Transsexualism can’t Be Questioned

USA. That the whole society have to accept and change to the little group of transsexuals, 0,58% of the U.S. population, is unreasonable. Particularly when the movement replace truth with lies and force it on others.  The latest development is that biological facts, basic science, is hate speech and you can no longer mention that... Continue Reading →


Movie about America’s biggest serial Killer

USA. A movie was recently released about abortionist Kermit Gosnell who killed babies after they were born, kept bodyparts in jars and forced girls to go through abortions. Among other things. The script is written by Andrew Klavan. There haven't been much interest for the movie in the media probably because the subject and Matt... Continue Reading →

Should Gay Priests be Banned?

USA. The other day the Catholic Church released a report about the sexual abuse of children in Pennsylvania. And it's awful. Just awful. They are scandalizing the church and hurting people so something really have to be done. The first thing is to define the problem by telling the truth about the abusers.


USA. The latest phenomena in bad parenting, as Matt Walsh puts it, is theybies. It's parents that bring up their children in a gender neutral way so they get the chance to decide their own gender when they are older. A segment on NBC News describes this as a trend sweeping the nation, but hopefully that's... Continue Reading →

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